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Please be advised that the Consulate General of Ireland, Sydney website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Consulate website is now available at Ireland.ie/sydney.

Covid-19 Update: Consulate Public Office Reopening

In line with recent changes to NSW public health measures, the Consulate General of Ireland’s public office at 1 Market Street will reopen on Monday 15 November.

In order to mitigate the risk of covid-19 exposure, the Consulate’s public counters will reopen on an appointment-only basis initially. Attendees can only attend the Consulate if they have been fully vaccinated or if they are in possession of a valid exemption certificate. For further details on vaccine and exemption status, please consult the following link.

As mandated by NSW public health measures, attendees should also be aware that mask wearing (unless in possession of a valid exemption), social distancing and check-in protocols will be strictly applied without exception. Failure to abide by these rules may result in staff being unable to provide in-person services, however where this occurs support will be provided by alternative means, such as by phone or email.

Members of the public who wish to apply for an in-person appointment can do so by contacting sydney@dfa.ie. Consular support and guidance will still continue to be provided via our phone and email systems. 

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