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Call for illustrations for embassy's St. Patrick's Day greeting card 2021


Call for illustrations for St. Patrick's Day in Germany official greeting card

St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s National Day, is celebrated annually in Germany and across the globe by all Irish, friends of Ireland and those of Irish descent.  St. Patrick’s Day 2021 in Germany and elsewhere will be different.  The large gatherings, receptions and parties, which normally mark the period, will not be possible.  The Embassy is exploring alternative ways of marking St. Patrick’s Day 2021 and as part of this effort would like to commission a special “St. Patrick’s Day in Germany” greeting card.  We will use this card to reach out to our many German contacts, whom we cannot, as usual, invite to our St. Patrick’s Day reception in Berlin.

Against this background we are delighted to announce a competition for Irish illustrators based in Germany to help us to create the artwork for the card.

We are seeking artworks that reflect on St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day in Germany and broader Irish-German relations. 


Competition Guidelines:

Applicants must be Irish and based in Germany.

There is no lower or upper age limit on those who may submit artworks or illustrations but this is not conceived as a Children’s art competition.

Each illustrator/artist is allowed to submit a maximum of three illustrations.

Applications should be submitted in digital format to the email address Berlin(at)dfa(dot)ie and marked “St Patrick’s Day illustration – applicant’s name”

The illustrations should be saved in JPEG or PNG format with a minimum resolution of 300dpi

Illustrations should ideally be submitted in landscape format / widescreen ratio (16:9)


Submissions must be received by close of business on 1 February 2021

All submissions must be accompanied by full contact details, address and telephone numbers to ensure that all applicants may be contacted promptly should their illustration be used.

Illustrations must be the original work of those submitting and not previously used in any similar campaign.

The artist whose artwork is selected as the 2021 Embassy of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day greeting card image, will be paid €400 for usage rights. Upon payment of €400, the Embassy of Ireland in Germany will retain usage rights to the selected image, for a maximum period of three years, for the stated purpose and related uses and platforms, without additional permissions or fees

The artist will be credited on the back cover of the card/image whenever utilised. 



The Embassy of Ireland in Germany is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection and will only store contact information for the duration of the competition.

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