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Taking Art from the Galleries to the Streets

Taking Art from the Galleries to the Streets

The Embassy of Ireland joined with artist Hellen Nabukenya today to witness the installation of her latest piece, 'Munno My Kabi'.

Working with local tailors to collect thousands of cloth cut-offs that would otherwise have been discarded, Hellen has created a colourful and evocative art installation in the heart of Kampala city.

Thirty years ago, the location where the installation now hangs was once the heart of the tailoring district. Before the concrete buildings were constructed, tailors used to gather to ply their trade under the shade of the nearby mango trees. While the tailors are still present, the mango trees are long gone.

By working in this location with discarded materials, Hellen's art installation is a reflection on modernity, changing lives, and the ease with which we leave the old ways behind.

The Embassy of Ireland is proudly sponsoring Hellen's work, which is being displayed for the duration of Kampala Art Festival 2018.

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