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An Irish Night In

An Irish Night In

An Irish Night In at Ambassador O'Brien's residence

An Irish Night In



Ambassador Dr. Nicholas O'Brien welcomed digital visitors to his home in Berlin to enjoy and share An Irish Night In.

We told stories, sang songs, shared how to cook & bake delicious Irish food and we created a light-hearted evening around the fireplace.

Ambassador O'Brien was joined by co-host Kate Ferguson and they slagged each other, told tall tales and composed limericks in between talking about Irish foods and sharing videos of Irish cooking, baking and singing. 

Andy Costello and Zoe Moore showed us the best tips and recipes for a great Irish meal and Walli Bird delivered two rousing sets of famous Irish songs.

Lisa McInerney joined the evening live to explain how Irish slagging is best delivered as well as the intricacies of translating or interpreting Irish idioms, and idiosyncracies.  The live music performance was delivered by The Mary Wallopers who delivered a lively trad & folk music session, live from Dundalk.

The recipes and gamecards that were used on the night are still available below and will still make for delicious meals that are definitely worth trying.


In addition to the main video above in which the cooking of the three course meal is demonstrated, Andy & Zoe's video on how to make the Stuffed Portbello Mushroom is available here


We had a great night and we thank you for joining us, from all across the globe, it really did feel like we were all gather around the fire or the kitchen table together.  We particularly enjoyed the many limericks and photos we received, with a selection of some of them available below


There once was a bean ghearmánach
Who came to west Clare - slightly manic
She went to Kilkee
Took a swim in the sea
And was forever done with her panic



We gathered for #anirishnightin
With a starter of bread and salmon
And then came potato
And a stuffed portobello
And cheese cake topped off with a gin



There once was a man from Cork,
Who loved a good bit of pork,
But halfway through a pig,
That was topped with a fig,
He couldn’t even lift up a fork

Christine's brother


There once was #anirishnightin
Which was best enjoyed with some gin
Ambassador Nick
Was there but less quick
Than Kate whose boar stories win.



And here are some of the very many photos that were sent in to us over the course of the evening


Meal 5


meal 1

 meal 4

meal 3

meal 2



And here are some shots from behind the scenes in the hours leading up to the live event


AINI behind scenes 1

AINI behind scenes 2

AINI behind scenes 3

AINI behind scenes 4

AINI behind scenes 5

We're very glad that you joined us and made the evening as good and as great as we had hoped that it would be.  We look forward to you joining us again at some near future date but until then, auf wiedersehen and slán go fóill. 

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