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Consulate General Welcomes New Plan for American Irish Historical Society

The Consulate General of Ireland welcomes the announcement today by New York Attorney General Letitia James of the plan to revitalise the American Irish Historical Society (AIHS) and the appointment of an interim Board of Directors and interim Executive Director.

We also welcome that the new interim leadership of AIHS will work with the Office of the Attorney General and members of the Irish American community, supported by the Consulate General, to provide a transparent process for the selection of a new permanent board.

The American Irish Historical Society is an historical symbol of the profound relationship between Ireland and the United States. We are very pleased to see a plan in place to revitalise the Society and preserve the organisation’s headquarters in New York City.

The Government of Ireland will support the transition process in recognition of the foundational importance and historical significance of the Society, and the importance of maintaining and preserving its assets for Ireland for Irish America and for our community organisations and diaspora in New York State and across the United States.

The AIHS headquarters on Fifth Avenue is an iconic emblem of Ireland in New York. Its loss would have been keenly felt by the community in New York and beyond. The Consulate General of Ireland wishes to express its gratitude to Attorney General James and her team for their support of this solution aimed at setting the Society on a sustainable path.

The Government of Ireland, through the Consulate General in New York, looks forward to building a positive and constructive relationship with the American Irish Historical Society into the future.


Consulate General of Ireland

19 December 2022




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