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Visa Services Updates


The strong advice is that everyone, regardless of their nationality, visa/preclearance status, or the origin of travel, who cannot provide proof of an essential purpose to travel to or within Ireland, should not travel to Ireland.

The acceptance of most new visa/preclearance applications globally, with the exception of certain emergency cases, was suspended as of 29th of January 2021. You will find further updates at the website of the Immigration Service Delivery website at Priority/Emergency cases as defined on the Immigration Service Delivery website will still be processed. However, please check these criteria carefully and contact us to ensure you fall under this category before sending in any documents. 

The suspension of short stay and other long stay categories such as English Language Study applications will continue to be reviewed in the coming weeks.

US citizens do not require a visa for study in Ireland.  However, you must register with the immigration authorities on arrival.  If your university is delivering your course of study online only for the next semester, you should not travel to Ireland at this time.

The processing of Working Holiday Authorisations is also suspended until further notice.  

For more information, please refer to the Visas section of our website.

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